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 Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolySoft OS Software


Download the HAAKE PolySoft files

This is a fully executable version of HAAKE PolySoft OS. Please note that in order to be able to install PolySoft OS on your computer, you need a PolySoft License key !

Downloading the following *.ZIP file and copy it's content to a temporary directory on your hard drive.

To install the software on your PC start the program SETUP.EXE.

Version History

Related information

IXXAT driver
Use the following link to download drivers for the IXXAT CAN-to-USB adapter. When the IXXAT driver is installed once, it is not required to be updated. Except update to PolySoft OS version 2.20 (or higher) from version 2.10 (or lower)


Convert software

The utility program ConvertHBI enables you to convert data recorded with an RC90 unit to a data format that can be read by the actual PolySoft application.

Remote Diagnostic Software

A software package can be downloaded to grant Thermo technicans access to a local PC.

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